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Discourse on Allâh ﷻ

Reality & Proofs of Tawhîd

No matter what your particular favorite word to describe the Creator, the reality of the existence of the Source of All sources, Uncaused Cause of all causes is undeniable. Yet I will attempt to entertain the question of, what is the proof that a Creator exists?

We often talk about things as real entities which do not have a physical existence, such as “cold” or “coldness”, yet in reality there is no “cold” but there is simply a lack of “heat”, at the same token “dark” or “darkness” doesn’t exists because there is no “dark” but there is a lack of “light”. Lack of a physical existence as perceived does not necessarily make something non-existing, as I’m sure most people have not seen, smelt, heard or even felt their own brains or hearts, in most cases, that apparent and faultless ignorance does not make them brainless or heartless.

“Reality” [1] means “the state of things as they actually exist” whereas a “fact” at times maybe subjective or based on perception. “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” [2] Then there exists a necessary entity who oversees, witnesses, sustains, knows, preserves, guides all reality, whom is self-sustaining, all-capable, and greater than what is being sustained such as matter and time. [3]

We talk about earthly dimensions and hypothetical dimensions such as dimensions higher than the 4th dimension. Scientifically speaking, can a proposed 150th dimension exist? If it did, can we see it, interact with it, smell it, hear it, or even explain it? How about a state of being that doesn’t even fit the dimension model or existence as we perceive it? Does our ignorance render such reality non-existent? Surely, the claim of lack of physical existence does not diminish the reality of the Al-Haqq (The Real) whom is most manifest in the entirety of existence.

The People of the Book (Scripture of Moses) ask you
“to cause a Book to be sent down on them from heaven”
And an even greater thing than this did they demand of Moses when they said,
“Make us see God face to face” (openly, plainly)
whereupon the thunderbolt of punishment overtook them for this their wickedness.
After that, they took to worshiping the calf –
and this after all evidence of the truth had come unto them!…

An-Nisâ (4):153

Things are finite, thus are contained in time and space, thus have a beginning and end, something with a beginning needs a beginningless one to bring it into existence. (Silly to think of endless causes) “Life” is a riddle that can not be explained by materiel sciences alone, life is real, bestowed out of Wisdom and Mercy. Our perspective needs to be whole in all levels of science instead of compartmentalized and disconnected to benefit fully from our accumulation of knowledge, furthermore it should ideally include all the fields whether material or transcendental, visible or non-visible.

Chaos to Order doesn’t happen for truly chaotic systems, I have not seen anything useful or alive come about instantaneously without a known manufacturer. Cell-phones don’t appear after a random dumping of gold, silver, plastic and metals in a pot, nor does a polished Mercedes Benz appear after a tornado through a junk yard both of which are very simplistic in comparison to humans and cosmos considering the complex and delicate balance things are being protected and sustained as we’ve discovered within last few centuries, such as interactions of heavenly bodies, degree of earth’s axis, thickness of earth crust, oxygen, carbon dioxide levels in the air, cooperation of sunlight, water, soil, and air all of which are independent and mindless yet perform in an accurate manner.

1 Reality, Al-Haqq is also one of the names of Allâh ﷻ
3 Al-Baŝîr (All-Seeing), Ash-Shahîd (Witness), Al-Qayyum (Self Subsisting Sustainer), Al-Âlim (All-Knowing), Al-Muhaymin (Preserver, Guardian), Al-Hâdi (Guide), Aŝ-Ŝamad (Self Sufficient), Al-Kabîr (Great)

Heart to Heart Part 4

One Comment

  1. How very true. I remember first learning how “cold” does not exist and the sensation is really just heat escaping. But I feel it! It’s probably that same false “feeling” experienced by those who believe that God does not exist. I really like the way you separate reality and facts very distinctly.

    We are so complex, just a single cell has a whole system to go by! Your examples are very well worked out and demonstrate your points very effectively.

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