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Religious Plurality vs. Social Plurality

Let there be no compulsion (force) in religion (way of life),
Truth stands clear from error/falsehood

Al-Baqara (2):256


Compulsion is contrary to the meaning and purpose of religion, which essentially is an appeal to beings endowed with free choice to affirm and worship their Creator. Intention and volition are necessary bases of all actions, attitudes, and thoughts for which the individual is religiously accountable. Without that basis, accountability has no meaning. According to Islâm, actions are not considered religiously acceptable or valid unless they are done with the appropriate intentions. Compulsion also contradicts the religious-legal principle that actions are to be judged only by intentions. Prophet ﷺ communicated as revealed to him by Allâh:

O My servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself
and have made it forbidden amongst you,
so do not oppress one another.

Hadith Qudsi, 17

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Thus the unequivocal Creed that belief and sincere utterance of which is what allows one to recognize themselves as Muslim (One who surrenders to God’s Will) , which is returning to the Deen al-Fiţra (Primordial/Natural Religion, state at birth) and accepting the undeniable Truth conscientiously is;

Lâ ilâha illa Allâh

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Discourse on Allâh ﷻ

Reality & Proofs of Tawhîd

No matter what your particular favorite word to describe the Creator, the reality of the existence of the Source of All sources, Uncaused Cause of all causes is undeniable. Yet I will attempt to entertain the question of, what is the proof that a Creator exists?
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