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Authenticity and Preservation of The Magnificent Qur’ân

Quran Gray

Do they not ponder over the Qur’ân?
If it had been from other than Allâh,
surely they would have found in it many discrepancies/differences

Al-‘Imrân (4): 82

The Preservation of the Holy Qur’ân is probably one of its greatest miracles, for 1400 years this book managed to not only preserve itself in written form, but The Very Word of Allâhﷻ has also been carried etched in the hearts of its recitors and memorizers in a chain that goes back all the way to the Messengerﷺ, the vessel who Allâhﷻ chose to teach the Qur’ân to humankind.

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Marveling on the Qur’ân

Quran Illuminated

Please note this section isn’t meant to be an exhaustive and comprehensive proof of the claims presented, it is a summary and reference to put things in perspective, if you’re interested in finding more about the claims here, feel free to visit the links at the bottom of this section.

Non-Eternal Universe…

The Originator of the heavens and the earth (from nothing),
and when He decrees a matter,
He only says to it, “Be,” and it is.

Al-Baqara (2):117

One of the most commonly accepted theory of cosmology today is that the entire universe was formed out of a hot, smoky mixture of gases and particulate matter, galaxies formed from condensation of spiraling celestial “mists”, than coming together into a union of particle elements into a central core of condensed matter. . It is the rupture of this super-dense central mass from which the “Big Bang” emanated, following which the universe expanded from essentially nothing forming galaxies, stars, planets etc which swim along orbits. After a while by the use of water, life was emerged on earth.

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