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Finding Similarities Working with Differences…

The Muslim Jesus is not divine, but a humble servant of God. He was not crucified – Islam insists that the story of the killing of Jesus is false. He is, as it were, Jesus as he might have been without St Paul or St Augustine or the Council of Nicaea

By John Casey, Daily Telegraph (London) 19 December 2001

Greetings, Peace be upon you…

See: Luke 10:5, Luke 24:36, Genesis 43:23, Numbers 6:26, I Samuel 1:17 & 25:6

Judges 6:23: But the Lord said to him, “Peace! Do not be afraid. You are not going to die.

John 20:19 (21,26): Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!”

Al-An’âm(6):54: When hen those who believe in Our signs come to you, say: “Salâmun ‘Alaykum” (peace be on you)

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Gary Miller – Basis for Muslim Belief (54 Minutes)

“…and ask a Muslim, where is your miracle… Muslim can go over and take his miracle off the shelf and hand it to you…”

Gary Miller – Amazing Qur’aan Part 1 (60 Minutes)

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Prophethood and History and Maqaam (Station, Position) of Muĥammad ص

Prophethood (Risâlah) is a channel of communication between Allâh and humankind. Prophets don’t just prophecise , but they receive messages from God, act upon these messages, carry this message to people, become ideal examples for others, strive to set up a way of life, a society in accordance with the instructions provided by Allâh ج. Beginning with the first man and Prophet (nabî) Adam عليه سلم through the finality of prophethood Muĥammad ص; they called humankind of their time to obey and worship Allâh ج alone. They brought guidance by the Mercy of Allâh ج and called to the right/straight path. (ŝirât al-mustaqîm). Prophets of Allâh ج were trustworthy, intelligent, truthful, and fully conveyed their messages. Allâh ج protected them from sin, and from every physical trait unbecoming to them, though as human beings, they ate, drank, slept, and married. They were the best of all created beings; and the highest of them was him whom Allâh ج chose to be the final seal of prophet hood, our prophet Muĥammad ص to be the Messenger till the end.

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Meaning of Worship

And I have not created invisible beings and humankind
except that they should worship/serve me
(consciously and willingly live by My Laws)
no sustenance do I ever demand of them,
nor do I demand that they feed Me
for, verily, Allâh is the Provider of all sustenance,
the Lord of all might, the Eternal!

Adh-Dhâriyât (51):56

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Thus the unequivocal Creed that belief and sincere utterance of which is what allows one to recognize themselves as Muslim (One who surrenders to God’s Will) , which is returning to the Deen al-Fiţra (Primordial/Natural Religion, state at birth) and accepting the undeniable Truth conscientiously is;

Lâ ilâha illa Allâh

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Muslims believe that Allâh ج is everywhere in His knowledge, sight and hearing which are not the same attributes as experienced by us since they are perfect in every way, thereby meaning that He ج knows everything at every time and place without being a part of creation.

He (Allâh) is with you wherever you are…

Al-Hadîd (57):4

He is with you in His knowledge so that nothing of His creation is concealed from Him.
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A tiny seed contains a huge tree. A human being, the most complex creature, grows from an ovum fertilized by a microscopic sperm. Is there an appropriate relation or acceptable proportionality between cause and effect here? Can extremely weak and simple, ignorant and lifeless causes result in very powerful and complex, intelligent and vigorously living effects?

Countenances. Countless human beings have lived since Adam’s creation. Despite their common origin—a sperm and ovum, which are formed from the same sort of foods consumed by one’s parents—and although they are composed of the same structures, elements, organisms, every person has a unique countenance.
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This series of audio lectures are probably one of the best introductions to understanding Islam as it is and as it relates to today’s world.

Part 1 Download

“One of the great cliches of comparative religion is that the higher aspects of religious experience can not be conveyed in human languages”

“It’s not sufficiently acknowledged, between the 8th and 16th century Islam was the dominant civilization”

“More than 38% of the world Muslims live as minorities, China 40 million, India 100 million, America 15 million”

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“…the tahajjud (Night Vigil Prayers) is when the real spiritual work is traditionally done”
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Discourse on Allâh ﷻ

Reality & Proofs of Tawhîd

No matter what your particular favorite word to describe the Creator, the reality of the existence of the Source of All sources, Uncaused Cause of all causes is undeniable. Yet I will attempt to entertain the question of, what is the proof that a Creator exists?
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Thus, we are not asked to believe in absurdities, nor are we required to know everything and prove everything as we are only responsible for what’s apparent to our minds and hearts. Although we are obligated to seek knowledge as in the first revealed word and verses.

Iqra! (Read, Recite), in the name of your Sustaining-Lord who created
Created humankind from a clot clinging (zygote, germ-cell)
Read/Recite for your Sustaining-Lord is the All-Munificent
Who has taught by the pen. Taught humankind what he did not know

Al-‘Alaq (96):1-5 [1]

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Heart to Heart منَ الْقَلْبِ اَلَى الْقَلْب

Reflection and Analysis of a Series of Dialogues

In the name of Allâh,
The full and continuous source of
Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Grace

Part 1

The Prophet ص related that Allâh, Exalted and Blessed, said;

“Oh My servants, I have forbidden Myself injustice,
and have made it forbidden to you; so do not be unjust
Oh My servants, all of you are lost but those I guide;
so seek guidance of Me, and I will guide you.
Oh My servants, all of you are hungry but those I feed;
so seek sustenance from Me, and I will feed you.”

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Part 1 Download

“…how freedom of speech and human responsibility can be reconciled.”

“We need to be aware how often, far too often, our responses are elicited by the media”

Part 2 Download

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“Qur’an is essentially telling us is that creation is a sign, the whole of existance is a sign…we’re given the tools… we need to decode the signs” (Hamza Yusuf)

“Islamic revivalism can be interpreted as the second intervention of Islam in trying to bring Western civilization into balance. When Europe of the middle ages preoccupied with a religious supremacy which even ruled over reason and science, it was Islam which introduced Greek rationalism and science into Europe…Islam gave the west through its Arabian universities much of the source material of the enlightenment which made the west what it now is. Today Islam is trying to reintroduce the idea of Holy into a western society…” (Thomas Cleary quotes from a British Economy Magazine)

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