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A tiny seed contains a huge tree. A human being, the most complex creature, grows from an ovum fertilized by a microscopic sperm. Is there an appropriate relation or acceptable proportionality between cause and effect here? Can extremely weak and simple, ignorant and lifeless causes result in very powerful and complex, intelligent and vigorously living effects?

Countenances. Countless human beings have lived since Adam’s creation. Despite their common origin—a sperm and ovum, which are formed from the same sort of foods consumed by one’s parents—and although they are composed of the same structures, elements, organisms, every person has a unique countenance.

Auto cleaning world. Until we began over-polluting our air, water, and land, the natural world was cleansed and purified continually. 1

One Atom, many uses. There is a main building block called Atom, which is accepted as a mindless unit of matter, yet it is everything. It knows to act as a heart or a lung when it has that role, and it knows to fly 700 MPH as a jet engine. It also carries incredible amount of power keeping itself together. Does the atom have conscience or is there a Sustainer who is constantly Sustaining everything?

Natural causes need each other to bring about an effect, Each cause is also an effect, therefore we must logically look to a single cause outside the chain of cause and effect. If we take causality to be absolute, such as if two events coexist one causes the other, can we say “water causes a plant to grow” if those are our variables? Does water know how to grow plants? Who is commanding our organs, hearts, digestive system, blood circulation, even breathing we’re being assisted and would be helpless otherwise, whose Authority, Power, Mercy and Will is in play?

And your God is One God; there is no deity but He, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate

Al-Baqara (2):163

What is obligatory for all Muslims to believe is that Allâh is perfect in his entity, names, and attributes, and that He is transcendently beyond every attribute that does not befit Him, Most High. Space and time, therefore, do not encompass Him; rather, He created them both. Neither His entity nor His attributes resemble anything of His creation.

There is nothing whatsoever like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing

Ash-Shûrâ (42):11

Neither the heavens nor the earth encompass Him, and He is not described by saying that His entity is literally above the heaven. Rather, He is above everything in His tremendous power and His magnificent wisdom. [h: That He is not literally above the heaven is proved by what] Prophet Muĥammad ﷺ said in a rigorously authenticated hadith3 narrated by Imam Muslim:

“… You are the Outwardly Manifest (zhâhir) so there is nothing above You,
and You are the Inwardly Hidden (bâtin) so there is nothing below You.”

Allâh is transcendentally beyond occupying space for anything else constitutes anthropomorphism, which is completely incorrect.

1 Article 1114/36 & Article 652/35

Heart to Heart Part 5


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  1. It would actually be very depressing to think we humans are just some cosmic accident and coincidence of evolution, wouldn’t it? You make a very good point…The atoms and cells that some scientists try to understand in depth. No matter how well you understand HOW something works, what’s more important to ask is WHY it is working and for what purpose is it there.

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