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This series of audio lectures are probably one of the best introductions to understanding Islam as it is and as it relates to today’s world.

Part 1 Download

“One of the great cliches of comparative religion is that the higher aspects of religious experience can not be conveyed in human languages”

“It’s not sufficiently acknowledged, between the 8th and 16th century Islam was the dominant civilization”

“More than 38% of the world Muslims live as minorities, China 40 million, India 100 million, America 15 million”

Part 2 Download

“…the tahajjud (Night Vigil Prayers) is when the real spiritual work is traditionally done”

“If you turn up like 3 in the morning (in Mecca) during Ramadan, you’ll see perhaps 3 million people doing Tahajjud (Night Vigil Prayers) together”

“…and I saw that the floor was wet, I thought it’s been raining, it’s pretty wierd for Mecca, after 5 minutes or so I realized it’s because so many people were crying”

Part 3 Download

“We need to be reminded all the time, in fact it’s said that the Arabic word for man, Insan is connected etymologically to the word for forgetfullness which is misyan.”

“We know that the Prophet used a particular type of tooth brush from Arak wood”

Quotes the Prophet ﷺ
“Whoever shows no love and compassion, can be shown no Love and Compassion by Allah”

“In England, until the beginning of the present century and in France until 1938, a woman lost her separate legal status when she married and it was assimilated into her husband’s, so she no longer had authority over her own wealth In Islamic Law, in all schools of Islamic Law, a woman has absolute rights over her own property, whether she’s married or not”

Part 4 Download

“Sunni Islam doesn’t have a hierarchy, doesn’t like hierarchies, it’s against the mentality…”

“Despite the absence of a hierarchy Islam has been less subject to schism than Christianity”

“… for this reason smoking has aspects which in the eyes of the shari’a require that it be prevented and not permitted”

Women’s rights: Women keeps their rights as individuals and their property unlike likes of France and Britian who until as recent as a century ago removed rights of women’s property rights and gave it to their husbands.

Abortion: General position, it’s ok before 16th week at which point it is believed that soul is breathed in.

Contraceptive: Allowed, both male and female sperm/eggs take part in conception ir reality and Hadith, seperate termination doesn’t mean destroying a “miniture human” as Aristotalian view does.

More on Abdal Hakim Murad…

The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology


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