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Discourse on Allâh ﷻ

Reality & Proofs of Tawhîd

No matter what your particular favorite word to describe the Creator, the reality of the existence of the Source of All sources, Uncaused Cause of all causes is undeniable. Yet I will attempt to entertain the question of, what is the proof that a Creator exists?
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Thus, we are not asked to believe in absurdities, nor are we required to know everything and prove everything as we are only responsible for what’s apparent to our minds and hearts. Although we are obligated to seek knowledge as in the first revealed word and verses.

Iqra! (Read, Recite), in the name of your Sustaining-Lord who created
Created humankind from a clot clinging (zygote, germ-cell)
Read/Recite for your Sustaining-Lord is the All-Munificent
Who has taught by the pen. Taught humankind what he did not know

Al-‘Alaq (96):1-5 [1]

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Heart to Heart منَ الْقَلْبِ اَلَى الْقَلْب

Reflection and Analysis of a Series of Dialogues

In the name of Allâh,
The full and continuous source of
Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Grace

Part 1

The Prophet ص related that Allâh, Exalted and Blessed, said;

“Oh My servants, I have forbidden Myself injustice,
and have made it forbidden to you; so do not be unjust
Oh My servants, all of you are lost but those I guide;
so seek guidance of Me, and I will guide you.
Oh My servants, all of you are hungry but those I feed;
so seek sustenance from Me, and I will feed you.”

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